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Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Mere Encounter Leads To Probable Cause To Arrest

In Commonwealth v. Young, 2017 Pa. Super 142 (May 11, 2017) defendant was approached by three plainclothes police officers who noticed him standing for approximately an hour outside a building known to them for drug trafficking and violent crimes. The officers identified themselves to defendant as law enforcement and asked what he was doing. Defendant Continue reading
Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

Enhanced Penalties For Refusing To Provide Blood (Without A Warrant) Held Illegal

In Commonwealth v. Giron, 2017 Pa.Super 23 (January 31, 2017) defendant was pulled over by police after sideswiping a parked car. Upon engaging the defendant, the officer noted a strong odor of alcohol emanating from the vehicle and defendant’s bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and unsteady gait. At that time, the officer arrested defendant believing he Continue reading