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Allegheny County DUI Treatment Court Program

The Allegheny County DUI Treatment Court Program supervises DUI offenders with three DUI offenses within a 10-year period. The Program allows some of these third-time DUI offenders the opportunity to avoid mandatory state incarceration and instead serve a rigorous term of restrictive intermediate punishment and a consecutive term of probation. The goal of the program is to change the destructive behavior of the participants and end DUI recidivism through intensive drug and/or alcohol treatment.

The Program is challenging and comes with significant liberty restrictions. Participants must reside in Allegheny Count and will be placed in a progressive five-step program that range from confinement with home electronic monitoring equipment to intensive supervision. All participants in this Program will be required to complete intensive drug and alcohol treatment, attend alcohol and/or narcotics support groups, participate in a victim impact panel, maintain full-time employment, and complete forty hours of community service. The DUI Treatment Program is most restrictive at the beginning, with liberties being awarded based on the participant’s success.

In Phase One of the DUI Treatment Court Program, participants will begin on electronic home monitoring for a period of 12-18 months, the first 90 days of which will include wearing a Transdermal Alcohol Device which senses alcohol that passes through the wearer’s skin. Those in Phase One should expect to attend monthly progress hearings before a Court of Common Pleas Judge, have weekly contact visits with their probation officer, participate in weekly support group meetings (AA or NA), and submit to weekly drug tests. Barring an setbacks, Phase One may be completed in approximately four months.

During Phase Two of the Program participants will still have to attend monthly progress hearings, have weekly contact visits with their probation officer, participate in weekly support group meetings (AA or NA), and submit to weekly drug tests. However, during this Phase, participants may receive electronic home monitoring windows for social occasions.

Phase Three provides for even more liberties. This phase still involves monthly progress hearings and attendance at support groups, but includes fewer contact visits and fewer drug tests. Phase Three also provides for less restrictive electronic home monitoring whereby the participant is permitted to come and go so long as they return home by their curfew.

Phase Four, which could begin around the one year mark of the Program, is when a DUI Treatment Court participants can be removed from electronic home monitoring and placed on less restrictive probation for a period of approximately six months. While on probation, participants will continue with monthly progress hearings, attendance at support groups, and submit to bi-weekly contact visits and drug tests. Participants will still be subject to a curfew during this phase.

Finally, in Phase Five, the curfew is lifted and participants are permitted to come and go as they please. This phase still involves monthly progress hearings, but includes less contact visits, drug tests, and support group attendance.

During all five phases, participants are expected to maintain employment and make consistent payments of restitution, court costs, and fines. To successfully complete all five phases and graduate from the program participants should expect the Program to last for at least two and a half years, but can last up to five years. Each participant’s success depends on their own commitment to their treatment and rehabilitation.

If you have two or more prior DUI convictions and are interested in the DUI Treatment Court Program, you and your attorney can complete a DUI Court Referral Form and seek admission through the District Attorney’s Office. Participants must then meet with an Assistance District Attorney who will review their qualification for the Program. If qualified, the participant will be scheduled for an Electronic Home Monitoring/DUI Court screening prior to seeking admission before a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

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